Past STSM from 2018

Name (Institution)Host InstitutionPeriodTopic
Dr. Barry DILLON (Plymouth University, UK) Jozef Stefan Institute (SI) 2.4 - 13.4.2018Clockword theories of flavour and their related low energy and collider phenomenology
Mr. Salvador CENTELLES (IFIC Paterna ES)University of Bonn (DE)8.4 - 29.4.2018 High energy neutrino phenomenology
Dr. Andrea CAPUTO (University of Valencia, ES)CERN (CH)7.7 - 7.8.2018Primordial Black Holes(PBH) from motivated models of inflation
Ms. Inbar SAVORAY (Weizmann Institute of Science, IL)University of Sussex (UK)24.11 - 8.12.2018Collider Physics of Long-lived Multiply-charged Particles - Future Searches and Constraints

Past STSM from 2017

Name (Home Institution)Host InstitutionPeriodTopic
Ms. Annika REINERT (University of Bonn, DE)Tel Aviv University (IL)1.5 -1.7.2017Physics beyond the Standard Model

Prof. Ilja DORSNER
(University of Split, HR)

Institute Jožef Stefan, Ljubljana (SI),28.7-12.8.2017Unification of flavor anomalies, collider signatures, and neutrino masses through scalar leptoquarks
Mr. Zeren Simon WANG
(University of Bonn, DE)
Instituto de Fisica
Corpuscular, Valencia (ES)
28.9 - 30.11.2017Research Visit at IFIC
University of Sussex, UK)
DESY, Hamburg (DE) 23.10 - 18.12.2017Phenomenological applications of the weak gravity conjecture

Past STSM from 2016

Name (Home Institution)Host InstitutionPeriod Topic
Ms. Margarida Nesbitt Rebelo (Universidade de Lisboa)University of Bergen 15-27 August, 2016A Simple Method to Establish CP Conservation in Multi-Higgs Model